To be, or not to be in the future
Pep talks about disruptive technologies and how the most innovative companies use them. He dives into the creative development process, and gives [delete some] tips that will give you an insight into the thinking of these innovators. Pep’s unique creative mind will encourage you to view things from a different angle, to help you create new and unexpected products and services that will make a real difference to your company. 
Si puedes imaginarlo puedes hacerlo.
If you can dream it, you can do it
Through this talk Pep leaves his audience with actionable tips and full of inspiration on how to make the seemingly impossible happen. Pep created MIBA, the museum of inventions and ideas in Barcelona from scratch – an idea he dreamed up and wanted to make a reality. Thanks to a brain that combines big dreams with enterpreneurship, Pep launched MIBA, a successful museum that saw more than 300,000+ visitors, including creatives and innovators from around the world. 
Házlo viral. Todo es storytelling
Make it a Trending Topic. It’s all about storytelling.
If you want to know the tricks to creating an impactful media buzz , this is the talk for you. Taking you through his journey that landed him a full-page interview in the Wall Street Journal and TIME Magazine, Pep will share insights and teach you techniques to help you develop a story that the media can’t refuse. How to tell a good story and go viral, Pep can get you there. 


The Flyday Sessions Workshop

This workshop will help your intrapreneurship projects inside the company to take off. Pep has helped +300 entrepreneurs to redefine their projects in a unique way

Chindogu Invention Workshop

The aim of this workshop is teambuilding. Get your employees to work together to invent and design unique solutions to a set of problems suggested by Pep. Based on the Japanese word for funny inventions - useless inventions.

Event host

… due to his experience as a presenter on TV and Radio. Pep knows what makes a crowd tick - if you need an entertaining and engaging event host, look no further.