Creative Marketing Manager

Everis UK

As a creative innovation consultant, Pep works with a wide variety of businesses such as everis (NTT Data Group, sixth largest IT services company in the world), as the Creative Marketing Manager for UK in London.

innovation consultancy in fast fashion

Since 2015 Pep has been leading the Innovation department at Happy Punt, one of the most important manufacturers in the Fast Fashion industry; with clients like Inditex, Amazon or JC Penny among many others.

Intraentrepreneurship Consultancy

Flyday Sessions is a a successful and inspiring mentoring programme that Pep has developed over the past 10 years. The programme has mentored over 300 people from companies in a variety of industries.

New product consultancy

With his inventor's mind and a great taste for Industrial and graphic design, Pep has created new products for some of the world's most loved household brands.